Paul Gosar: First Endorsement by Article One Advocates Superpac

Contact:  Bryan Smith 208 681 3931


Article One Advocates has a singular mission:  Support candidates for office dedicated to using the power of the purse to restore limited government and constrain the Executive Branch.


Representative Paul Gosar is the model Member of Congress when it comes to making a difference in the fight to defund President Obama’s radical agenda.


It is Paul Gosar who has led the fight to stop Obama’s attempt to takeover local zoning pushing a defund of  the HUD regulation that takes over local zoning authority through the House twice, only to see GOP leadership cave in to President Obama on the issue during final funding negotiations.


And it is Representative Gosar who has taken on Obama’s destructive environmental agenda both nationally with his work to rein in the EPA and at home pushing through House defunds of Obama’s attacks on recreation on public lands in Arizona. The job is hard, and that is the reason very few do it.  But if every GOP member of the House was as dedicated to rolling back big government and reasserting local control as the Framers intended as Paul Gosar, Obama’s massive federal overreaches would have been stopped in their tracks.


Yet, it is Paul Gosar’s incredible zeal in fighting for Arizona and Constitutional government that has drawn him a million-dollar attack campaign from Chamber of Commerce-types who publicly proclaim their support for free enterprise while pushing for big government corporate cronyism at every turn.


Unhinged from reality, these moneyed interests are more interested in keeping power through maintaining the failing status quo that continues to erode Constitutionally limited government. Paul Gosar is squarely in their crosshairs because he won’t cave in to their Gucci-shoed lobbyists pressures, and he won’t back down from fighting for the rights of the people of Arizona.


Article 1 Advocates has been formed to recognize those Members and challengers who have stood firm on conservative, Constitutional principles and to help them withstand the onslaught from those who mouth the words of limited government in campaign commercials with the intention of acting an entirely different way in Washington, D.C.


Representative Paul Gosar represents the best hopes of those who believe that the power of the federal government should be limited, and he deserves the vote and thanks of every Arizonan in the 4th Congressional District.


We strongly urge a vote for Paul Gosar on August 30th.



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