The Power of the Purse


The Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution envisioned a Congress which jealously protected its powers against the Executive Branch using oversight, the advice and consent process and the power of the purse as three of the primary vehicles to keep a balance of power.


Fast forwarding to 2016, Congress has largely abdicated its power of the purse, the oversight functions are regularly stonewalled by the Executive Branch without any accountability, and the advice and consent confirmation process by and large has become pro forma.


This change has dangerously shifted the power in the federal government toward the Executive Branch with only an occasional whimper from the legislative branch which was designed to be the strongest of the three branches of government.


When added to the calcifying impact of corporate, union and environmentalist interests all pushing for some form of big government either through cronyism or placing regulatory strangleholds on formerly free markets, something had to be done.


The status quo corporate/union/environmentalist cabal has shredded the Constitution, and when Members or challengers rise up to challenge it, they are too often crushed by the self-perpetuating establishment.


Article One Advocates was formed to provide a counterweight to these big moneyed interests seeking out candidates who will walk the walk of taking on corporate cronyism in DC, as opposed to those who talk like a limited government conservative with no intention of governing like one.


It is time to take on the establishment at their own game, and Article One Advocates will be just that, an advocate for those who will use the power of the purse to rein in an out of control federal government, regardless of which political party holds the White House.